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"The moon has your name memorised: the curl of your back, your face, an open book."

- Vona Groarke, from “Tonight of Yesterday” (via the-final-sentence)


(via Bruschetta Bar | What’s Gaby Cooking)
"My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping."

- (via duxley)

Working into the night.


10pm: Well let’s try to make a model of a set of modules showing the structure and materials. 

12am: Well let’s try to make a model of just one module showing the structure and materials. 

1am: Well let’s try to make the framework and maybe a simple trace paper facade. 

2am: Well let’s try to make the framework.

3am: Well let’s try to make part of the framework.

4am: Well let’s try.

5am: Well.


my biggest flaw
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